Jeroen Vreeken
Linux on ADM5120
ADMtek page on

admswconfig a config tool for the build in ethernet switch.

patch against linux-mips CVS (currently at 2.6.12-rc1)
vmlinuz image made with above patch. (.config file used for image)

Gstreamer Quadrature Library
Gstreamer Quadrature Library
    This is a library with Gstreamer filters for use in software defined radios. It is Free software and published under the GNU General Public License.
APRS Tracker
APRS Tracker
    Aprstracker is an alternative firmware for tinytrak like aprs trackers. It is Free software and published under the GNU General Public License.
NEC2 antenna simulation
    nec2c is a translation from Fortran to C of the NEC2 antenna simulation program done by Neoklis Kyriazis.

    nec2c.rxq is based upon nec2c 0.1, it contains the following changes:

    • Added -j option for starting parallel frequency loops. (This should make nec2c a lot faster on SMP machines or clusters)
    • Changed from 'double' to 'long double'
    • Modified output to make xnecview happy
    • Unraffled excitation and frequency loops and moved them to their own functions.
    • Moved a lot of printing out of main().
    • Replaced cmplx() with a macro.
GTK Smith chart widget
    This is a GTK widget for drawing Smith charts. It uses the cairo (gtkcairo to be precise) library for rendering the chart. A sample program using the widget is included in the package (it was also used to make the screenshot below).

    The code is based on gsmc written by Lapo Pieri (ik5nax at

Linux & Packetradio
InterNode Protocol support for Linux
    INP3 or InterNode Protocol is an extension to the well known NET/ROM protocol.


    This patch adds support for the INP patch to nrattach.

    It also contains 'nrbridge' a transparant AX.25 to NET/ROM bridge.

scc clock multiplier patch
    Patch to make the external clock line of an scc card configurable.
    OpenTRAC is a new protocol intended to solve many of the shortcommings of APRS.

    I have made several proposals to be included in the opentrac spec which can be found here

OpenTRAC digipeater
    otdigi 0.3 is a reference digipeater to test some proposed OpenTRAC protocol elements. It uses libopentrac-0.0.1 for io and incomming packets. Read the this quick-guide for help on setting this up.
    ottracker is a modification to my aprstracker project to enable tinytrack like hardware to be used with opentrac.
    ottracker-0.3 does just about anything you would expect from a tracker:
    • Position and altitude using GPGGA sentences
    • Course and speed using GPVTG sentences
    • Fixed interval beacon
    • Smart beaconing
    • Pc programming interface
    • Static comment (actually any opentrac element that fits in 31 bytes is supported)
    The code is distributed under the GNU GPL.
Decentralized Radio Linking
Introduction to DRL
    Decentralized Radio Linking is a peer to peer protocol for transporting amateur radio content, like audio or video streams, over an IP network.
First software release!!!
    DRL version 0.16 is released. Download it here. Documentation can be found here.
Using a KF452 as a DRL repeater
    This page describes how a Bosch KF452 transceiver can be used as a 70cm DRL repeater. This project is not yet finished so for now its just a few small pieces of schematic and some pictures. When finalized it will be a full description including software.
INET: Jeroen Vreeken,
AX.25: pe1rxq@pi8zaa